October 8, 2019

New Release: Amor Fati

Amor Fati is a feel-good micro game about what can be created from nothing. For Ludum Dare 45 I challenged myself to make a non-combative game that stuck closely with the theme.

So far Amor Fati is 7th most rated game of the jam and the reception has been awesome:

WOW i love this!!!! It’s so cute!!! All the animations are wonderful, and even tho it’s a short game I thouroughly enjoyed myself, great job!!!!” - @aconfusedragon

This is so relaxing, I love the colors and art. It’s simple but packs a punch.” - @Emiliabea

Amazing game. Short and to the point. Mood is great and everything fits together so well.” - @ryzy27

This is the first game today that really made me smile. Thanks for that :)” - @CodeForJoyCaro

Also, a special shout out to Jupiter Hadley for covering the game on her Youtube channel.

Amor Fati is out now. You can play it over at Itch.io:

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